XMind – A Top Mind Mapping Tool

Mind mapping is a great way to keep all your thoughts organized and stay in control of your life. Using the right mind mapping tool for you enables you to create a comprehensive map which you can save for later use or you can share with your friends. After several years of studying mind mapping and after trying a lot of tools available on the market, I’ve reached a conclusion: some tools are definitely better than others being easier to use and having many more useful features. One of these top mind mapping tools is XMind.

A Big Step Forward

Let’s be bluntly honest. Would you rather use a tool that does its job, but is not that efficient, or one that helps you save precious time? I needed to answer the exact same question last year when I was looking for an easy to use mapping tool. Fortunately, I’ve stumbled upon XMind, which has been radically changed from what it used to be. Xmind touts itself as the most professional mind mapping tool. This open-source program has radically changed throughout the years. If back in 2012 XMind was rather clunky and not impressive at all, today its features have blown me away.

XMind 6, the latest version of this world-renowned mapping tool, is extremely easy to use, comes with tons of features, and on top of all it’s free. The Pro version, though available for a certain fee, gives you many more features. However, the basic version is pretty much all you need in order to make the most out of this advanced tool.

XMind Pro is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. However, each version must be purchased separately.

Extremely Widespread

At the moment, millions of people from all around the world use XMind to run brainstorming sessions, manage complex information, clarify their thinking patterns and get their work organized faster. This tool is quite famous all around the globe due to its clean interface, ease of use, multiple customization options and a wide range of diagrams.

Ease of Use

With XMind you can assess your ideas in a graphical manner. You can easily add new items, add unlimited topics, add links & notes, add icons & markers and customize your text in order to fit your purposes. With a wide variety of diagrams at your fingertips, the mind mapping process becomes as easy as pie. XMind supports various diagram structures, including organization, map, matrix, fishbone and logic chart.

This tool also comes with powerful drag & drop capabilities that let you move the items on the map and place them anywhere you want. For seamless collaboration, you can export your map into several formats, including HTML, TXT, PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Idea Factory – The Place Where your Ideas come to Life

One of the best features of XMind is the Idea Factory area. This is the place where you can record all your ideas and thoughts quickly, without necessarily creating a map right away. You can set boundaries between thoughts, create relationships between your ideas, write detailed summaries and then label your topics. With XMind, you can also work offline. This is great, as you can start your map without necessarily being connected to the Internet.

I strongly recommend XMind as a genuine, easy to use and extremely professional mind mapping tool.

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