How Finish Line Helped Me Use Mindmapping Tools to Enhance my Performance

I remember how as a young kid I would be studying for hours simply because I couldn’t memorize the facts from the book so easily. My father taught me how to build a mind map with the help of words and images that he drew on the paper. He would draw tables and charts and write down the numbers and words so that they could stay fixed in my memory.

Once I progressed to higher levels however, simple charts and tables couldn’t help me well enough to remember complex information. Those few years in my high school were really difficult for me.

I was meticulous and organised and later Finish Line saw enough talent in me to boost me to the level of a manager in one of the stores. Finish Line is one of the most popular stores that sells branded sport shoes and apparel. It has around 600 stores all over the US. To be given the responsibility of a manager in one of their stores is an honor and I was extremely thrilled at this opportunity. I also got several Finishline discount codes to buy items at a discounted price!

However, this was not a very easy task since I had several things to look into at the same time. I had multiple responsibilities. Not only did I have to make sure that all the employees reported for work on time but also that they worked with skill without losing time. I was also answerable to the supervisors who would keep a close eye on my performance. Every single item had to be in place and the store floor had to be shiny and clean. I needed to make sure that the day’s sales were recorded in digital files and also go through the day’s income to tally the finances with the sales.

Basically all of these tasks were meant to be done without wasting time, so I ended up multitasking. This is where things started to go downhill for me. I couldn’t memorize details and was not able to efficiently manage my employees. I would often mix up their shifts and had to hire extra help just to be sure that I didn’t make any blunders while digitalising sales records. The quality of my work was suffering, until one of my Finish Line supervisors sat me down to ask me about my problems. When he realized what my issue was, he directed me to several online sources to take a look at all the Mindmapping Tools that are available.

A MindMapping tool recreates any information visually so that it becomes easy to understand and memorize. It has been scientifically proven that information can be retained in long term memory with the help of such tools. A lot of these mindmapping tools cost money but Finish Line decided to sponsor these for the benefits of their managers and employees. Some of the best Mindmapping tools are mentioned below:

  • this is a Web app and you don’t have to download it. All you have to do is open up Bubbl on your browser and start brainstorming. You can create your own free account on and can make only three mind maps. You can later subscribe to create more maps and visual diagrams for a premium $6/month plan.
  • Coggle: you can sign in here through your Google account. To start you have to rename “new Coggle” with any name of your choice. You need to click on the plus signs to add a thought. This will create your own thought branch.
  • Mapul: this is supported by Microsoft silverlight and can be used for $30 for six months.
  • iMindMap: this tool allows you to create amazing mind maps where you can be creative. It also helps users to edit and draw their mind maps quickly so that they can easily focus on the brainstorming process more.
  • Mind42: this could be a bit complex for beginners, but it is an extremely powerful tool that has a solid code that can help you to brainstorm without any issues. You can use this app by registering with your email address.

These tools have turned out to be my blessing since now I am performing much better than before. These tools have helped me to :

  • Improve my memory. I can memorize much more efficiently now and retain all the crucial information without any problems.
    Improve Memory
  • Make my Finish Line store function smoothly. My employees are working efficiently since I can tell them very clearly what their individual responsibilities are.
  • Publish Finish Line coupons online on time. One of my duties as a store manager is to publish in the company’s website the coveted Finish line coupon codes that our customers are so looking forward to at the beginning of each month. Mind mapping has helped me capture this task, too!
    Save on Finish lineEnhance my communication skills. I can easily report the progress my store makes to my supervisors. My communication with my supervisors has improved. I am now able to organize my ideas, memorize key points, “connect the dots”,  and deliver better presentations in our weekly meetings with Finish Line supervisors
  • Track ideas. We usually forget brilliant ideas that come to our mind if we don’t act upon them or cultivate them and refine them. Mind maps do exactly that.
    Tracking ideas
  • Identify problems and provide necessary solutions to avoid or reduce the challenges. This has been very helpful for me to make some valuable decisions for the store so as to avoid tight spots and enhance functionality.

All of these benefits have earned me a lot of appreciation from my supervisors. Now my Finish Line store ranks quite high in success.

Mindmapping tools are certainly more efficient than the old tech that I used to use before to handle information. Simply jotting down info with pen on paper is no longer effective. It is important to visually respond to information and Mindmapping tools utilizes this trick very well to create brilliant results.

Here are some things I like about  using mind maps:

  • Research states that mindmapping tools can enhance memory and performance by ten to fifteen percent. Conventional note-taking is not that helpful. It actually takes up a lot of time and energy. People might also miss ideas while they are busy jotting down the words on their paper.
  • An online survey reported that most of the executives stated that they could multitask more efficiently with the help of these tools.
  • Moreover, the information you create in a mind map can be easily reviewed at any time. Lengthy notes can put people off from reading but mind maps visually represent all the details accurately in a short and organized manner that is easily appreciated.
  • People can also understand their minds maps easily and this saves a lot of time.

Thanks to Finish Line, I have been able to use these mindmapping applications which have helped me to improve as a professional. Project planning has now become much easier. My job performance is better than ever and I have been already considered for several promotions because of my enhanced skills and thought process. As a reward, I also get several exciting Finish Line promo codes to buy several items at a discounted price.