How to Create a Mind Map – Tutorial

This is an introduction of a mind map and what you would do to create one. In the end of this article you will learn how to draw a mind map. A mind map is a concept that was invented by Tony Buzan. It is a reflection of the mind. It shows how the brain operates. Besides that, mind maps also reveal organic nature of the way we develop ideas. Lastly, a mind map reflects you, with your personality.


A good thing about mind maps is that they maximize the use of images and are therefore effective. Given that our memory is mainly photographic, the use of images makes the recall of the mind map easy, and the process is efficient. Therefore, a mind map is a useful creative tool that you can use for brainstorming. A mind map, once created, gives you the whole picture. You get the whole idea and the relationships between smaller ideas that make the whole idea. They are all in one page.

How to create a mind map

Start with a single paper preferably white, which you put in landscape format. Start in the center, where you will create a central image. Then you will use lots of images because they are great for recall.

Mind Map tree_

You are free to use two or three dimension images as long as they bring a concept alive. Here, you are also free to use symbols because the idea is to bring out a thought using an illustration. Sometimes you cannot think of an image or a symbol and would rather use words. In this case, use single words that summarize a concept. When using words, have the ones at the center big, then the size will shrink gradually as you move with your ideas away from the center. The decrease in font size gives you a mental idea that you are moving from the main idea into sub-ideas.

Use as much color as possible to help with overall emphasis. Other ways to emphasize include use of bold types or outlines that encompass concepts. You may also have arrows to connect things and have clouds that highlight contemplation and new ideas.

Everything needs to be clear. The structure should have an obvious order, with everything being legible. You want it to be easy to read and reference when you go back to it. Remember to show as many connections between ideas as possible. Your ideas should flow and they can bloom out from the center with arrows that show links between them and codes or symbols helping to show associations.

As you use organic flow, also consider a hierarchical order for enhancing your structure. Your lines linking ideas should all connect and should come from the center like branches from a tree in a curved way with the key being the creation of an organic feel. Start at the center with thick lines and then narrow them as you branch out, with the length matching the keywords that you are using while style should be engaging and attractive. Overall, you want your mind map to be personal, reflecting your view and your character so that you enjoy going back to it.

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