Mindmeister Review: Mind Mapping To Plan Your Project

MindMeister presents the one and only mobile mind mapping application that you will ever need. Whether you are using it in the classroom, presentation hall, and boardroom or even during a lunch meeting, MindMeister will help in organizing, prioritizing and even generating new thoughts.

MindMeister has a browser based interface which stores all your mobile creations and syncs them with your online accounts. MindMeister can also be used for iPad without having an online account just as a stand-alone app on your iPad.

Basic Features

Creating any mind map by using MindMeister might take a little time for one to get used to its controls. Unlike the other apps, MindMeister does not create subtopics directly from the main topic. Apart from the small learning curve, I found out that setting up any given project plan is easy when compared to using other mind mapping tools.

Key features

MindMeister allows the users to create extra branches from selected topics by clicking a white “+” button at the top left. Once the branch has been created, it can be moved about the mind map and can also be added to the other topics if it’s better suited for that specific content.

I really liked the font sizes of MindMeister because they can be changed using one of 3 available sizes. Italicized and bold texts make up the rest of the customization except the font color itself.

In addition to a strong visual appeal, MindMeister allows you to add notes, links, files, and tasks.


A large selection of images and icons can be added to every branch of the given mind map. Although I had to have a paid subscription so as to upload my own, you can also use images from the Internet by entering the search terms of what you require directly from the user’s interface.

Each branch is capable of supporting individual notes regarding each idea. The notes are represented by small notepad icons once they have been created. In addition, tasks and links can also be attached to every subtopic as well.

Every mind map can be shared privately or publicly because you able to invite several people through email. The maps can also be exported in several formats including the Microsoft PowerPoint files. However, this is only possible for the subscription paying users.

Additional features that I love and comes with Personal subscription are:

  • MindMeister allows you to add photos and images to topics
  • The tool also allows for exportation of maps in Freemind, MS Word, MindManager and MS PowerPoint format
  • MindMeister also has real-time collaboration
  • The tool also allows for history view as well as unlimited redo/ undo import from Freemind, MindManager and text file Presentation modes.

Platforms and synchronization

While the web-based app for MindMeister works greatly as a standalone app, the Android application allows the mobile users to work on similar mind maps created from computers using web-browsers. Both computer system and mobile device will work on the same map which has been stored at MindMeister. The application is available for download from iTunes and for the iOS mobile devices.

Compared to similar applications

Although there’s good functionality in MindMeister, the app still lacks few features which some of the other applications possess. Unlike other mind mapping tools, MindMeister is priced a little low which makes up for the missing some features which ought to be incorporated in more expensive and larger projects.

Pricing and license

Although the free plan by MindMeister is usable by any person who needs mind maps for strategy development, the subscription plans opens up more possibilities. For the Personal 4.99 dollars per month plan, you’re able to create unlimited amounts of maps. In addition, you also have 6 methods for exporting, offline access and increased security. The Pro plan at 9.99 dollars per month increases the export capabilities by:

  1. Allowing management of the multiple users
  2. Giving you the ability of sharing via links, custom branding of your own map as well as statistical reporting

The Business account at 14.99 dollars allows automatic backups, all exportable formats, multiple team administrators and the ability to virtually invite anyone that you wish with the full rights to the maps.

Bottom Line

MindMeister is a well-designed mind mapping tool which contains the important features that you require so as to do business mapping. The ability to work on the same map between mobile devices and computer systems without having any premium account puts MindMeister on a positive light. This feature could give the starving artists a tool to assist him in developing strategies for his/her next task despite of where they are currently. Mixed with its low cost when compared to the other alternative tools, MindMeister a great app for any person who needs mind mapping solutions.



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